Beginner Nail Kit (READ DESCRIPTION)

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If your starting your nail business this kit is perfect for you,


8oz (YN) monomer bottle

8oz (99%) alcohol

8oz (99%) acetone

(YN) protein bond

Bond Aid dehydrator

No lift nail primer

Nail clipper

Acrylic brush size (12)

Cleaning brush

Edge cutter

Cuticle cutter set

Speed clear acrylic powder (YN)

White powder (YN)

Nude powder (YN)

500pcs nail tips (Stilleto)

Nail glue

4pcs Nail buffer

4pcs hand file (80-80)

wax pencil


White&Black polish linner 

Dust Brush

Monomer container (glass)

Nail drill

UV light

Training hand

Mist bottle 

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